Out-of-Town Patients

Migraine Relief All Over The World

The Process is Simple.

Smith Sinus Migraine Institute has patients come from all over the country and international to become migraine free.

  1. Send us a copy of your most recent brain scan (sometimes it shows the nose and sinuses) or ideally a Sinus CT scan. Send the actual disk, not the report.
  2. The scan will be reviewed to see if you are a candidate for the Smith Sinus Migraine Technique, and our doctor will give you a call. The good thing is nearly 100% are candidates!
  3. You schedule your date for the procedure and plan to spend a week in Houston for your procedure and first post-operative visit. You will need to return for two more visits at 2-3 week intervals to ensure proper healing.
  4. You are guaranteed a 90% change of never having another chronic migraine again.
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Patients From All Over the World.