Daily Migraines


Daily Migraine Relief.

What are Daily Migraines?

Daily migraines are classified by headaches that last for more than three months every day. The pain remains consistent from the onset, and may include increased sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, or mild nausea (e.g., no vomiting, or crippling pains.) Patients must be fully cognizant and able to remember everything throughout the migraine. There will have at least two of the following characteristics:

  • Present in both sides of head
  • Feelings of tightness as opposed to pulsating
  • Mild or moderate pain
  • Not triggered or made worse by physical activity

What can trigger a Daily Migraine?

A daily migraine does not necessarily have a known trigger, which means that it will be difficult for people to alter their routines as a means of eliminating them. However, it may be caused by an infection, tumor, brain injury, or inflammation within the brain. It’s important to have daily migraines checked out by a doctor as soon as possible.

Who is affected?

Generally, it’s people with either a personal or family history of migraines who are affected, with women between the ages of 18 and 55 more likely to get them than men. Because there is no identifying event that accompanies the pain, it’s often necessary for doctors to do a thorough investigation to rule out possible severe medical conditions before determining the best treatment plan moving forward.

How does it affect most people?

These headaches generally still allow people to function throughout the day, though routines are made much more difficult by the pain. At present there are only a handful of doctors who really understand daily migraines. It is imperative that you find a specialist who has worked with these types of disorders before to investigate and make recommendations as to a course of action.

Patient Success Story


Patient Success.

Dr. Smith is very personable, kind, and sympathetic. He really does good work, as well. My wife is already feeling better, even just after 1 day!


Having the surgery was a great experience. I've had lots of surgeries, but this one by far was the best.


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