Neck Lift

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Neck Lift.

If your neck is starting to sag with loose skin or neck bands this procedure is right for you. Dr. Smith redrapes the skin and tightens the muscle to give you that youthful appearance.

Dr. Smith has extensive experience with performing neck lifts in those patients who are mainly concerned about the wrinkles, double chin and neck bands. Rather than performing a full facelift, the neck lift incision is shorter, starting in front of the ear, around the back of the ear and along the posterior hairline. Liposuction is usually performed on the neck, suspension sutures are placed to support the muscle and subcutaneous tissues and the excess skin is removed. The result is a more youthful neck with more definition of the jawline and chin. 

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2.5 hours. You are sent home with a supportive neck dressing that is removed after three days. You will return for your suture removal in 1 week. Normal activity can be resumed after two weeks.

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