Migraine Cure: Deviated Septum Treatment

Living With Migraines Caused By A Deviated Septum

Carson West, a 14-year old from Chicago, IL, dealt with debilitating migraines for three years before his mother heard about the miracle of Dr. Smith’s migraine cure. Living with a deviated septum caused migraines that were a constant part of his everyday life brought severe pain, nausea, foggy mind, and irritability. As a result of his high pain level, lack of energy, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound, Carson retreated away from the world, losing out on precious time with his family and friends. His entire life was controlled by his migraines. He had to be home schooled and was no longer able to participate in his hobbies, such as playing tennis. At one point, his mother, Dianne, had to spoon-feed him while he wore a ski mask over his face to block out light.

Getting Your Life Back After SMITH-Technique Migraine Cure

After thinking there was no migraine cure available that would work for her son, Dianne was ready to try anything to help her son. She recalled the relief she felt when Dr. Smith confirmed that her son was, indeed, a candidate for the SMITH-technique migraine cure. She and her husband drove for more than half a day to bring Carson to Houston for Dr. Smith’s life-changing treatment and were grateful that they did. Immediately after surgery, Carson enjoyed a lower pain level and an increase in energy. He was smiling and interacting with his parents in a way he hadn’t been able to do for years. Dianne said she felt like Dr. Smith gave her son back to her.

I see Dr. Smith as a person who really does care about people with migraines… He’s very good at what he does. He examines the whole nose and he sees the problem and he gets rid of it, just like that. I see it as a very wonderful thing. It’s just a relief.

Carson West

Dr. Smith made us feel very comfortable… It gave me confidence and when he went into surgery, I wasn’t nervous and worried. I was thinking about Carson coming out and how he would be different. He eliminated a lot of that operation fear for me… He eased my mind completely.

Dianne, Carson’s Mother