For migraine sufferers, the primary symptom that is the worst is the pain. Migraine patients who come to the Smith Center complain of various ways the migraine headache attacks their body, specifically their head. Dr. Kevin Smith, founder of the Smith Center and Houston’s top migraine specialist, has dedicated the past 20 years to perfecting his migraine treatment procedure.

Dr. Smith’s goal is to alleviate the pain of migraine headaches and enable his patients to live a pain-free and comfortable. It is amazing to what lengths migraine sufferers will go to find migraine relief. We have been told countless stories of the steps taken to alleviate a severe headache. Here are just some examples:

  • Use cold compresses on the face
  • Immerse their whole head in ice water
  • May have to pull over on the side of the road when going to work
  • Rooms are typically dark – at the office and/or at home
  • Eliminate any kind of social interaction

“It really is a sad state of affairs when you see that you have to allow this pain to encompass your whole being,” Dr. Smith says.

How the SMITH-Technique Achieves Migraine Relief

If you have never met a migraine sufferer, you will find that they will try most anything to eliminate their severe migraine headaches. For this reason, many of our patients have visited ENT’s, neurologists and other physicians, hoping to find their migraine cure. Pain medications, CT scans of the brain, pain management, trigger removals, and other methods often prove to none effect.

At our Houston office, we recommend that anyone who has tried just about everything, with little to no success, schedule their appointment with us. Allow Dr. Smith to give you a full and thorough examination of your nose and sinuses. Often during the consultation phase, Dr. Smith is able to pinpoint the source of the migraine even before he begins his evaluation.

Remove the Deviated Septum – Alleviate the Migraine

At almost a 90% rate, Dr. Smith has been able to cure or alleviate, to some degree, the migraine headaches suffered by so many patients. In fact, more than 2,000 patients.

By cutting away the bone spurs within the nasal cavities, Dr. Smith is able to eliminate the pressure placed on extremely sensitive tissues within the nasal structure. This sharp pressure creates excruciating pain in certain areas of the head, making it appear to be a migraine headache.

These deviated septums are known to be in 44% of all adults in the US, with 27% receiving their deviated septum at birth when coming through the birth canal. These nasal bone spurs are incurred by enduring some type of trauma to the face and nose.

If you have tried numerous types of migraine treatments, then it is time to schedule your appointment for the SMITH-Technique migraine treatment procedure. Contact our office at 713-965-4954 or online.

March 30, 2016
Visual of candidate for migraine treatment.

Alleviating the Pain of Migraine Headaches

For migraine sufferers, the primary symptom that is the worst is the pain. Migraine patients who come to the Smith Center complain of various ways the […]