Houston Upper Eyelid Surgery

No More Drooping Eyelids

When I came to the Smith Center’s facial plastic surgery office in Houston, my primary complaint was that I had a tired look with my eyes. I just felt that I didn’t look the way I felt. I have always felt young and energetic and I wanted people to see me that way. During my consultation at the Smith Center, Dr. Kevin Smith, discussed receiving a blepharoplasty (more commonly known as an eyelid surgery).

Removing the Tired Look

He told me that it would remove the droopiness on my upper eyelids caused by fatty deposits. This was the main cause for why I looked like I was tired or sleepy. After undergoing the upper eyelid surgery, it looked years were removed from my appearance and I no longer had the tired look I had been experiencing with my drooping upper eyelids. I was told that eyelid surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures conducted in the US and it’s no wonder why. It is a simple and quick facial plastic surgery procedure that helps patients look younger, and when patients look younger, it helps them feel younger. I can attest that I look and now feel younger. While receiving my eyelid surgery, I also received a lip implant procedure. Watch my eyelid surgery patient testimonial video and see how my upper eyelid surgery gave me the confidence I wanted.

“I’m thrilled with the way my eyes turned out.”

5 out of 5

“The day of the consultation and the surgery, he made me feel completely at ease. It was quick. I think I was in and out in an hour and a half. I felt no pain. I healed really quickly. I can even feel the difference. To be able to see my eyelids and be able to put makeup on, and see the makeup on my eyelids is great. I’m thrilled with the eyes.”

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