Houston Sinus Treatment

“Great Plastic Surgeon and Superb Staff”

When I came to the Smith Center in Houston, I was suffering from chronic sinus infections, sleep apnea, and breathing problems due to a deviated septum. Dr. Kevin Smith explained to me that a deviated septum is when the bone and cartilage between the two nostrils becomes bent, crooked or off center. During my consultation, it was discovered that nearly my entire right nostril had blockage, which was causing major problems with my breathing. what was really interesting was that Dr. Smith explained that I probably had the blockage for most of my life, but I had just learned to deal with it and never really took notice of it.

My Sinus Treatment Consultation

Dr. Smith was able to answer all of my questions during the consultation and showed me exactly where the blockage was and how he would be able to remove it. Not only was my sinus surgery a huge success, but I was really impressed with how the staff made me feel right at home. You can watch my sinus treatment patient testimonial video to see how much I enjoyed everything about facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Smith, and my time at the Smith Center in Houston.


“I was really impressed!”

5 out of 5

”Dr. Smith is great. He’s got great bedside manner. He’s very informative. He explains it in layman’s terms, which makes it very simple. He and his staff at the Smith Center were always kind and friendly and always knew what was going on. They’re a superb staff. I was really impressed.”

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