Houston Sinus Treatment


Eliminating Sinus Infections and Sleep Apnea

I had been dealing with chronic sinus infections and sleep apnea for years. In fact, during the consultation phase at the Smith Center in Houston with Dr. Kevin Smith, it was discovered that my right nostril was nearly closed off completely, which was the reason I was always having such breathing difficulties and even problems sleeping. Dr. Smith told me that I had been living with it for so long that I practically didn’t even notice that my breathing suffered and that my oxygen intake was much less than it should have been.

Being Active After My Sinus Treatment

I like to stay active and exercise. I really enjoy running. A lot of times my breathing would make it hard for me to run long distances, especially during allergy seasons. This is, of course, until I received a septoplasty and uvuloplasty procedure. Now that I have had my sinus treatment, I am breathing much better and clearer and no longer have problems with chronic sinus infections or sleep apnea. You can watch my patient testimonial video to see how my non-cosmetic surgeries on my sinuses changed my life for the better.

“You made a big difference in my life!”

5 out of 5

“I was not sleeping very well so I was tired during the day. With the chronic sinus infection, I was not able to breathe very well. The right side of my nose was almost completely closed off. Now that I can breathe better and I can sleep better, I am getting more oxygen into my system. It’s really made an all around improvement to just about everything. Thanks, Dr. Smith. I really appreciate everything that you have done for me. You made a big difference in my life!”

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