SMITH-Technique Migraine Surgery- Is It Right For You?

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Migraine Cure: Deviated Septum Treatment
May 13, 2016

SMITH-Technique Migraine Surgery- Is It Right For You?

SMITH-Technique migraine surgery

Changing Your Life with SMITH-Technique Migraine Surgery

Katie found Dr. Kevin Smith and his remarkable SMITH-Technique migraine surgery while watching The Doctors Show online. She was instantly interested in the procedure being described and after visiting Dr. Smith’s website, Katie says she was finally hopeful that she could get relief from the migraines that had plagued her for more than four years. After sending Dr. Smith the results of an earlier CT scan and receiving the good news that she was a candidate for migraine treatment with Dr. Smith, Katie traveled from Sacramento, California to The Smith Center, located in Houston’s River Oaks district, to have surgery to correct her deviated septum. After her procedure, Katie was pleasantly surprised to find that her migraines ceased almost immediately. By the time of her post-op visit before traveling back to Sacramento, Katie hadn’t had a single migraine.

How Migraines Affect Your Life

Katie Ferguson’s migraines didn’t just affect her- her migraines affected her husband and daughters, too. Katie would often have to retreat from her family while in the midst of her migraines, experiencing unbearable pain that required hundreds of dollars per week worth of pain medication. The emotional, financial, and physical strain was immense, but none of the treatments or medications recommended by other doctors worked for Katie. 



Katie‘s SMITH-Technique Migraine Surgery Review

“I’ve gotten my life back and I can’t wait to enjoy it!”

5 out of 5

“Dr. Smith… had done so much work and so much research that he was going to be able to help. Thank you for… giving my children their mom back and my husband his wife back… I’ve missed out on so many things with them… that I cannot wait to take what you’ve given me and go back home and… enjoy the freedoms that… come with a migraine-free life. ”

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