Eyelid Surgery Houston


My Houston Eyelid Surgery Was a Blessing

One of my very close friends had gone to the Smith Center for an appointment with Dr. Kevin Smith. She had had some exquisite facial cosmetic procedures done and she recommended him to me. It was very comforting to know that a friend had a very good experience. I enjoyed meeting Dr. Smith. I told him I wanted my eyelid surgery because I looked tired. I didn’t feel tired, but I had that look. I had a lower eyelid surgery and an upper eyelid surgery to remove the bags under my eyes and also some fatty tissue. Dr. Smith was a very warm person and made me feel at ease. When I had questions, I would call his office and they would answer my questions. Now that I’ve had my Houston eyelid surgery, my friends and my husband tell me I look younger. Now, I always thought that I looked young, but they say that I look even younger. Dr. Smith gave me the look that I wanted with minimal recovery time. It was important to me that I heal quickly and easily, so I could get back to my life. Dr. Smith’s expert hands and skilled surgical techniques made sure I healed beautifully in a minimal amount of time.


Beverly‘s Eyelid Surgery Review

“I no longer have that tired look.”

5 out of 5

“A special thanks to Dr. Smith for a change in my life. When I looked in the mirror, I looked tired and I no longer have that tired look. I’m comfortable now wearing my contact lenses thanks to Dr. Smith. It was a blessing to have him in my life for that brief period of time.”

Procedures Reviewed:

Upper Eyelid Surgery
Lower Eyelid Surgery